Speciality Vaccines

Vaccinations are the safest and most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Whether it’s a general vaccination at a young age or a travel vaccine before heading off on your gap year, we offer them all.


How do vaccines work?


Vaccines work to encourage your immune system to create antibodies that protect you from diseases. Your immune system learns how to protect itself from diseases through vaccination and it is much safer to do this than by catching the diseases and treating them.

Once your immune system knows how to fight a disease, it can often protect you for many years.


Why are vaccines important?


There is a multitude of reasons why vaccines are important and here are just a few:

  • – They work to protect you and your children from many serious and potentially fatal diseases.
  • – They protect other people in the community by helping stop the spread of diseases.
  • – If enough people are vaccinated, they can potentially reduce or even get rid of some diseases.
  • – Vaccines prevent over 3 million deaths worldwide every year.


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