24/7 Collection Machine

At our Tavyside branch of Vero Pharmacy in Devon, we have the ability to provide you with the utmost convenience when it comes to your healthcare needs. That’s why we proudly offer a 24/7 Collection Machine service to our valued customers.


Accessible Healthcare Solutions


Our 24/7 Collection Machine is your gateway to quick and hassle-free healthcare services. Whether you require prescription medications, lab test samples, or other essential medical supplies, our machine is available around the clock to serve you.


How It Works


Using the 24/7 Collection Machine is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. 1- Visit our Tavyside branch of Vero Pharmacy in Devon.
  2. 2- Locate the Collection Machine outside our store.
  3. 3- Follow the easy on-screen instructions to access your healthcare items.

No need to worry about business hours or long waits. With our 24/7 Collection Machine, you’re in control of your healthcare schedule.



Why Use our 24/7 Collection Machine?


Here are some compelling reasons to opt for our 24/7 Collection Machine service:

  • Convenience: Access healthcare essentials whenever it suits you.
  • Time-Saving: Skip the queues and get what you need quickly.
  • Secure and Private: Your healthcare information is kept confidential.
  • Accessible Location: Vero Pharmacy in Devon is your trusted neighbourhood pharmacy.


Sign Up to Vero and Take Advantage


Simply click the button below to sign up for an account with Vero Pharmacy and order your prescriptions. For our Tavyside patients you will be able to utilise our 24/7 Collection Machine.

For any inquiries or assistance with our 24/7 Collection Machine service at Vero Pharmacy in Devon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’re here to help you make your healthcare experience more convenient than ever.

Experience accessible healthcare like never before with 24/7 Collection Machine at our Tavyside branch of Vero Pharmacy in Devon. Your health, your schedule!