Morning After Pill: Your Guide to Empowered Choices

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Welcome to King Street Pharmacy in Plymouth, where your well-being is our priority. We understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and when it does, we’re here to support you. Our dedicated team believes in providing you with the information and resources you need to make informed decisions about your health. One such essential resource is the Morning After Pill.

Empowering Choices with the Morning After Pill

The Morning After Pill, also known as Emergency Contraception, is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. It’s not intended to be a regular form of contraception but serves as a backup option when unexpected situations arise.

At King Street Pharmacy, we recognise the importance of having access to this option without judgment or barriers. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through the process, offering a discreet and supportive environment.

How Does it Work?

The Morning After Pill primarily works by delaying ovulation, preventing fertilisation of the egg, or altering the lining of the uterus to inhibit implantation. It is most effective when taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse, but it can still be beneficial up to 72 hours afterwards, depending on the specific type of pill.

Our knowledgeable pharmacists are here to explain the mechanism of action, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how the Morning After Pill works and its efficacy in different situations.


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Possible Side Effects

We understand that taking any medication can be a concern, and the Morning After Pill is no exception. While side effects are generally mild and short-lived, they may include nausea, headache, fatigue, and irregular menstrual bleeding. Our team is dedicated to providing you with detailed information about potential side effects, so you can make an informed decision.

If you experience persistent or severe side effects, we encourage you to reach out to us promptly. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the Morning After Pill more than once in a cycle?

The Morning After Pill is designed for occasional use, and it is not recommended as a regular contraceptive method. If you find yourself needing emergency contraception frequently, our team can discuss more suitable, long-term options tailored to your needs.

Is the Morning After Pill the same as the abortion pill?

No, the Morning After Pill and the abortion pill (medication abortion) are different. The Morning After Pill works to prevent pregnancy, while the abortion pill terminates an existing pregnancy. Our team is here to clarify any misconceptions and provide accurate information.

Does the Morning After Pill protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

No, the Morning After Pill does not provide protection against STIs. It is solely designed to prevent pregnancy. We emphasise the importance of using barrier methods like condoms to reduce the risk of STIs.

Can I get the Morning After Pill without a prescription?

Yes, the Morning After Pill is available over-the-counter at our pharmacy. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and provide the support you need during this time.


morning after pill plymouth


Confidential and Convenient Access

We understand that your privacy is important. Our pharmacy is committed to offering discreet services, ensuring that you can access the Morning After Pill with confidentiality and convenience. Our team is trained to handle your inquiries with empathy and sensitivity, respecting your need for privacy.

Beyond Emergency Contraception: Long-Term Solutions

While the Morning After Pill is a valuable option in unexpected situations, our team is also here to discuss and provide information on long-term contraceptive solutions. We offer a range of options tailored to your health needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Your well-being is an ongoing priority for us, and we are here to support your journey to reproductive health.

Visit Us Today: Your Health, Your Choice

At King Street Pharmacy, we believe in empowering you with knowledge and choices. The Morning After Pill is just one aspect of our commitment to your well-being. Visit us today, and let our compassionate team guide you through your options, providing the support and information you need to make empowered decisions about your reproductive health.

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